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For our final intervention, we are looking at two issues, the comparatively low achievement of boys and the cultural conflicts implied, and the challenge of millennial learners. You may choose one of the two topics or combine them. In fact, these two issues come together under the topic of ‘gaming education” and Below are the presentations which have addressed these issues. The Gaming of EducationMasculinity 2MasculinityMillennial Learners and


For our fourth intervention, we will be examining how to help Asian American students to experience “full success.” We use the term ‘full success,’ because most people look at the test scores and grades and assume that Asian American students are already fully successful. But their language scores are often low and their communication and social skills are of a level that they often face a glass ceiling with respect to promotions in the work place. Although we have discussed the concept of the “Model Minority,” bear in mind that that is not the problem of the intervention. The concept of Model Minority makes the needs of Asian American students difficult to see because people assume that they have no needs, problems or issues as it relates to education. Below are the presentations which covered these issues in class.Asian American2Korean Silence

Funds of Knowledgesubtractive schooling-2 Here are the links to the three presentations which we have had on the topic of ‘educacion.’ Remember, when putting together your interventions, the problem you are addressing, is NOT language.Educacion elaborated

This morning we began the section of the course that deals with the needs of LGBT students. When considering the need to create a safe learning environment for all students, it is important to know that, unfortunately, in the teaching profession, there is a turning away from our responsibility to protect and provide all students with a learning environment where they can be safe and in which their learning needs are addressed. Along with the presentation posted below, it is important to watch the following clip which models an heterosexual male defending a gay teen from verbal abuse. When I first watched it, I was struck by the idea of how rare this kind of impassioned defense of LGBT people is visible in our society. The undefended discrimination

Whether you have been aware of it or not, each guest speaker, each book, and each presentation has been designed to give you background, insight and understanding into the challenge of dealing with students who have no purpose for education. I urge you to review all of your notes and all of the presentations which have been posted online in order to identify strategies and approaches for successfully completing the intervention #1 assignment. I am posting the presentation from this morning which outlines and describes the specific components of the intervention. Review it closely and respond to this post with any questions you might have. If you have a question, it is very likely that several other people have the same question, so please help everyone by sharing your question.Intervention Rubric

Today, we begin the discussion of the Freedom Writers Diary. It is through this discussion that we will encounter our primary strategies for addressing the needs of students who have no purpose for education. To assist you in cultivating instructional strategies which draw from the principles of success modeled by Rafe Esquith and Erin Gruwell (Ms. G.) I am posting our class presentations which include the class comments and observations which you have made related to this material. Below is the presentation on the Hobart Shakespeareans. Check back in the coming days as I add the two presentations and discussions on the Freedom Writers Diary.How Hobart Shakespeareans  Freedom Writers Presentation Friday 9/30 Explaining Ms G Freedom Writers Presentation Monday 10/3FWD2







Today in class, we had an excellent discussion in both sections regarding the kinds of discourses about students from challenging backgrounds that one finds in schools and the kinds of ‘difficult’ discourses that are required for a teacher to be successful. Below is a link to the power point presentation, with the comments from class included. These would be an important resource when we come to the point of putting together the ‘intervention’ assignment for students with no purpose for education.Getting Beneath the surface