One of the issues touched upon in our discussion with Judge Chapman was the importance of perception and specifically, an alternative perception with respect to effectively serving students and families from communities considered to be impoverished and dangerous. In the readings, for which there are links below, we have the examples of William Strickland from Pittsburgh and Father Greg Doyle. The first created a state of the art youth arts, culinary school and graphic design center in the worst ghetto in Pittsburgh. The latter created a thriving business comprised exclusively of gang members from LA’s Latino barrio. Both are powerful examples of alternative perception. Where the rest of society saw danger and impossibility, these two men saw need, opportunity and success. In the case of Mr. Strickland, his facility stands mere blocks away from the neighborhood school which is a bastion of failure and misery. However, serving the same young people as the school, Mr. Strickland’s program experiences an 85% success rate in getting students to college. Immediately below is a link to Mr. Strickland’s TED video and below that are links from which you can download the readings.

Strickland (1)