In tomorrow’s class, we will be honored to discuss the above question with the Honorable William Chapman Family Court Judge for New Castle County. The brief reading from the book “The New Jim Crow,” was provided in order to demonstrate that there is an emerging racial class of disenfranchised people in society which exists, in part, because of involvement with the criminal justice system. Given that there is a recurring and predictable mechanism in our society for disenfranchisement, are good teachers the last line of defense? In other words, given the lives and environments that many students come from, are good teachers the last thing separating these students from disenfranchisement, which means loss of citizenship and therefore no stake in being a healthy and productive member of society? Judge Chapman has given us an article to read which spells out this relationship from the legap perspective. The link to the article may be found below:

Also, below is a brief bio of Judge Chapman:

I graduated from Georgetown Law School in 1986 have been a member of the Delaware Bar since 1988–from 1986-1994 i worked in the Criminal Division of the Delaware Dept of Justice–i was assigned to the Family Court Unit, the Drug Unit, Felony Screening and the Sex Crimes Unit. I served as an Associate Judge in Municipal Court for the CIty of Wilmington from 1994-to 1995 when i was appointed to the Family Court

Finally, attached are power point slides which delineate the emerging class of disenfranchised Americans and how it impacts upon society. You are encouraged to print this out and bring it to class tomorrow. Have an enjoyable day.-Front Line